Some testimonies

* “No-one can remain indifferent to Corine. She’s a great listener and quite exuberant, and has a lot of creativity and more balance than one may think faced with her enthusiasm. Her openness, her directness and her slightly “bulldozer” side, are real assets for boosting the self-confidence needed for professional questioning.”

Alexandra, HRD
SMC, construction and public works sector

* “Corine is very good at running a group, drawing out and giving life to real values such as sharing, equality and the right to confidentiality of what people in the group say. A much appreciated + to my mind is the way she brings together acts and the values they carry.”

Jean-Marie, company manager

SMC, medical imagery


* “I would simply like to say: thank you for your insights, you perhaps might not have realised how important they were to me .... Thank you also for your commitment to me, for your trust and your communicative energy, your warmth, your open-minded attitude. Thank you for the values you pass on.”

Michelle, director
SMC, legal services

* “Corine was really a very interesting trainer, both in what she said and in the organisation she suggested. She was able to focus on the key points of our training and understood the difficulties that we have faced. She was the guarantor of our well-being to make difficult stages of questioning about our project path easier. We would recommend this trainer!!”

Roland, trainee

* “Tools are all well and good, but let’s not forget to be human beings. To hell with standardisation and perfect performance. The important thing is triggering things, which you do thanks to your communicative energy. This doesn’t stop us trying to progress, but in a humane way. Many thanks for your kindness and your generosity. I am very happy to have met you.”

Valérie, trainee

* “I wanted to thank you for having allowed me, thanks to your classes and your kindness to believe in myself a little bit, which has allowed me to validate this tutorial functions and skills management UD.”

Aurélie, trainee

* “In her role as project manager, Corine dares to have ideas and actions moving towards innovation! She’s very good at motivating her co-team workers. She listens, and makes them want to grow, she encourages them to take responsibility and explains how it's possible with energy and leadership.”

Sébastien, employee