About the Managing People and Projects programme

To be in line with your development strategy, we build a specific made-to-measure response.

Here you can find out about some training and consulting programmes that we have set up for our clients.

Some examples

Individual and collective functioning: from the relationship to the project.

How to integrate professional objectives and employees in the company’s strategic project prospects?

Better know yourself to better work together.

To develop an existing partnership-based synergy, make the shared basis of trust more explicit, and give back meaning to operational activities.

Association management: project development and human resources.

How to better bring together the life of the association with the management, human resources and project management?

Pedagogical trip at the centre of your project.

A multi-disciplinary dynamic of a way of life to accelerate a professional change project.

Accompaniment in professional mobility.

Thanks to accompanied and strengthened mediation of contacts with the economic and professional environment, develop and give value to your professional projects.

Gaps in my CV, strings to my bow.

Transform the wealth of your life’s path into professional resources, to present the undervalued stages of your active life in a positive and convincing way.

You are competent. Make it known!

Develop a strategy for your integration into the workforce. Gather useful information. Say just what’s needed, but everything that’s needed!

Giving value to PhD competencies.

For the benefit of doctoral students nearing the end of their thesis, a course developed in the scope of the Nouveau Chapitre de la Thèse® (New Thesis Chapter) (Association Bernard Gregory).

Project management and team building.

Managing projects efficiently by developing the maturity of your team.

Tutoring: welcome and induction of a new employee.

Because individual and collective efficiency is not something that can be improvised!