Fifteen years of experience in Managing People and Projects

Her experience as a manager has led Corine Navarro to get to know private and public sectors, employees and entrepreneurs, associations and mutual funds. She can draw on a range of social techniques to boost the economic situation of an organisation. She is able to implement the entire range of Managing People and Projects functions:
- reorganisation, coordination, running and stabilising management in contexts of change or creation of structures (teams from 15 to 60 employees);
- negotiation and relations with customers, socio-economic and institutional partners, councillors, the media, sub-contractors, staff representatives;
- budget management (up to 4 million Euros);
- managing projects: regulation reforms, European programme, quality process…

After seven years working for the French Job Centre, in pursuit of a childhood dream she prepared the entrance examination for the National School of Administration, a new learning opportunity. She then worked for a group of retirement residences with medical facilities. After having tested and developed her activity in a cooperative, she created AdVolution atp in 2006.