Our network of values

We would like to invite you to find out about our partners, our network and what we love.
Here you can find a selection of links. The professionals mentioned share our values and offer you services that complement ours.

For your efficiency, our different types of professionalism are complementary.

Colette Duval - La Cerise sur le gâteau – Your home chef, a made to measure service provided at home.

Tika - Voix et Bien-Etre

Vincent Guillocher - Personal Branding Strategist – Web visibility consultant.

Claude Froesch – Accounting audit and expertise

Marie-Stella Denat - Trinakrya – All paths reveal resources.

Managing People and Projects can cover other things than work

Chansy Upravan - A l'Unisson France Laos

What we love: their values

Laurence Alemanno - ChocoLatitudes – Let’s explore the meaning of cacao.

eDline - Sculptor